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Quality Control

No. of QC Staff

20 to 29

QC Responsibility


QC/Technical Support

The company has a complete set of quality control system, strictly according to the ISO9001 standard. we have complete quality inspection procedure from raw materials to finished products, including IQC-IPQC-FQC-QA-OQC. Through the above inspection steps, we can take strict control on product quality on every stage, to guarantee first-class product for customer satisfaction. We have advanced inspection facilities for total performance and parameter inspection on raw materials, semi-finished products, and final products. key inspection facilities include: 2811LCR digital bridge, CF-2A magnetic ring parameter analyzer, intelligent electricity meter, KF-2 intelligent switch audion classifying instrument, withstanding voltage tester, transistor curve-grapher, and etc. The company takes the advantage of having effective QC team, professional technicians, and high qualification staff. On the other hand, we are equipped with advanced facilities, as well as advanced QC theories and experience both from domestic and abroad. We also introduce various effective methods in QC, based on PDCA circulation theory, to improve product quality.

Procedure/Testing Details

Three steps are included in the quality control process: Control of material supplied. Technical inspector and related instruments test the Raw materials .The results are reported to the supplier. Inspection of process. Fixed inspectors and patrol inspectors are set in all production process to make product quality under strict control. Special aging-inspecting assemble lines are set against the particularity of energy-saving lamps to ensure that products can be used under severe voltage environment. Inspection of the end products. This guarantees the appearance and performance of the finish good products.

Briefly describe the QC department

The company takes the principle of quality paramount, and no defective product. We absorb excellent persons from colleges, who will be trained well completely on theories from quality concept to quality control systematically. On the other hand, we will link the theories into practice, to train them as a high qualification QC team.

Working target of the QC Dept.:

  • Eligible rate before delivery: >=99%
  • Missed inspection rate: =0%, fall out rate: =0%

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