Product Catagory: LED&Decorative Lights->LED SPOTLIGHT  



Key Specifications:

Power Consumption: 5W

Voltage:100-240V AC

Color Tempertatuer: 2700K-3300K,3800K-4600K,5500K-6500K

Luminous Flux: 306lm-374lm

Light Source: 5 x 1W high power LED

LED Qty: 5pcs

Beam Angle: 30 ± 5°

Dimension: E27: H100 x D62 ± 1mm

                      E27: H97 x D62 ± 1mm





1. High Energy-Efficient : only 20% power consumption of halogenlamp and incandescent lamp.

2. Environmental Friendly: no mercury or other harmful materials.

3. Wide voltage range: AC100-240V

4. Full color range: warm white, pure white, cool white, red, yellow, blue & green.

5. No flickering & RF interference, No buzzing noise

6. Instant soft start, Good heat dissipation

7. Nice appearance, High shock / vibration resistant

8. Special circuit design, each LED work separately, avoiding the single broken LED influence problem

9. 50000 hours lifespan, small light decline rate.



5w bulb can replace 50-60w incandescent lamp, the low UV and IR radiation properties of LED lamps also makes them perfect for:

  • Museums
  • Art galleries
  • Cosmetic counters
  • Perishable food counters

The exceptionally long life spans make these lamps perfect for hard to reach places where maintenance costs are high.